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quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Geese in a Ring Swap

geese in a ring swap by Coisas da Laura
geese in a ring swap, a photo by Coisas da Laura on Flickr.

I have always wanted to learn how to put this block together,but never 'had the time'.So, nothing better than a swap for me to find the time for it!!!!
This is my first block - 7 more to go- and I guess it turned out really good..I loved making it!

Sempre quis aprender esse bloco e nunca arranjava tempo.Então, nada melhor que uma troquinha para arrumar tempo pra ele.Esse fo meu primeiro bloco.Ainda faltam 7.Amei o resultado e amei fazer!!!

segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

Sad,very sad

I live almost 700 km away from my mom.My 2 brothers live near her and my sister lives with her.I miss beeing with them a lot,but life brought my DH and I here.What can we do???
Today, 6 men - or animals- broke into my mom's house,carrying heavy guns,robbed everything they could, leaving a mess behind and a LOT of fear!!! My mom is 70 and has high blood pressure.Thaks God they did not hurt her body,because her soul is now really wounded!!!
How I wish I lived closer.
Please , include my mom, Dalila,in your prayers!
Good night.

segunda-feira, 12 de setembro de 2011

organizador de bolsa e carteirinha

Eu adoro qdo meus filhos tem algum aniversário de menina.É uma excelente oportunidade para que eu experimente projetos que ainda nâo fiz.Esse fim de semana fiz esse kit de carteirinha e organizador de bolsa.Adorei o resultado.Espero que a menina que ganhou tenha gostado!

I love when my boys are invited for girls birthday parties!!It is a great opportunity for me to try new projects.This past weekend I made this pretty kit of a wallet and a purse organizer.I  really liked the result.I wish she likes the gift!!!

sábado, 10 de setembro de 2011

Things I love

Today I am supposed to list 5 things I am grateful for.I was tagged by Coffeebean's Dailies,so here I go:

- I am grateful for my messy kids
-I am very grateful that we are all healthy
-I am grateful for the clever and generous ladies on the internet who take their time in order to teach some gorgeous things to other ladies all over the world
I am grateful for having good food and a comfortable home in a country where many people suffer so much.

sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2011

Laura's ruffle bag.

I am very excited to write my first tutorial ever! !I am very happy 
because this is one blog that  I just LOVE! Thank you Samm!!!
( I would like to tell you now English is not my  mother tongue , but Samm 
helped me. Thank you ) Now we can move forward. 

First of all, I would like you to know that this project was not
created by me. Many people make them here in Brazil. 
This was the first sewing project I learned.On a very lazy afternoon,
in Santos, my hometown, Paula, my sister-in-law taught me how to sew it.
 It was the beginning of my passion for sewing, patchwork and quilting.
It is very simple and the result is very beautiful.You can use it to
 hold jewelry,or sewing notions or whatever you desire!\
I know Samm has ordered 2 of them from me..her photos are below...

I hope you all have fun! Thanks Samm for this wonderful opportunity!.
Ok, are you ready? 

This is what you will need.. Since Samm's whole campaign is
 in Orange, I thought it would be nice to have something to match. 

Material needed:
40 cm  focus fabric  16 inches
40 cm lining fabric  16 inches
1,50m silk cord  5 feet approx. 
charms for embellishment


2 half circles:A: one with 35 cm diameter 14 inch in diameter
                   B: one with 26 cm diameter 10 inch in diameter
                   C:1 circle with 9,5 cm diameter 3.75 inches
(C circle: trace with a pencil  on the center of the bag,after all other lines have been sewn, and stitch on this line.This will create an 'end' for the pockets and also keep the bag nice and flat.)

Cutting instructions.

Focus fabric: trace patterns A and B on folded fabric,cut leaving 1/2" sewing allowance
Lining fabric: do the same

Pair up lining and focus fabrics and sew them  right sides together

Do it with A and B

Cut 5cm ( 2 inches) on the lining fabric in the center of the circles.
This is where you will turn your circles right side out.

Press the pieces well.
If you want, I did, choose a cute stitch of you machine and sew
 around both circles.It makes the pieces flat and gives the work a nice touch.

On circle B, the small one, trace 4 lines using a disappearing pen.

Place the small circle on top of the big one, centering it. 
.And sew on the traced lines so that they are now attached .

Sew 2 paralel lines,around 1cm from each other,around the small
 circle.This is where you will pass the cord in.

By hand, make a buttonhole on opposite sides of the bag,between the 2 stitched lines.

Cut the cord in 2 and pass through the holes one in each side.
Finish it with a charm for embellishment.

Ta dah!!!! pull your strings  and fill your pretty bag with your most valuable treasures!!!

Do you like it ...I KNOW someone who loves it..
Can you guess her name? 

Here are some of Samm's Bags that I made for her.
( she really makes me laugh with her photos) 

 This was the first one she ordered..very soft
and pink...it looks very nice here.

This one she just received  last week...
she wanted red and white...I love how she made it look so beautiful. 

I hope this inspires YOU to make one too. I would love to see
what yours will look like..
Thank you Madame Samm and all of you here today

terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2011

Doll Quilt Swap 11

DQS 11 by Coisas da Laura
DQS 11, a photo by Coisas da Laura on Flickr.

After a long time not posting,today I felt like it. It has been a tough moment at home due to a teenager...if you know what I mean...
Here I am,trying to get back to my and mine only pleasures: sewing,quilting and getting in touch with you ladies who share the same passion.
This is the Doll Quilt I made for my partner.I really hope she likes it.I had a great time preparing it for her.I used a Amy Bradley pattern,but reduced the block a little so it would look better in a mini.
Thank you Madame Samm, who sent the pattern to me! - I won a giveawy for the first time in my life!!!!!